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Welcome to SpacAd, where opportunities become reality and your time is worth its weight in gold. We're delighted to introduce you to our revolutionary platform that's redefining the way you interact with the digital world and make money online. Let us immerse you in Truthland's exciting future and explain our vision, goals and mission in detail.

Our vision

Imagine a world where your time spent online is not only entertaining, but also highly valued. That's exactly what we've created with Truthland. Truthland is much more than just a virtual world - it's a space where you have the power to create your own avatar and explore captivating advertising videos while being generously compensated. Our vision is to transform the way people interact with online advertising, turning every minute spent on our platform into a money-making opportunity.

Our goals

With the SpacAd project, our objectives are clear and ambitious. First and foremost, we want to offer our users an unrivalled immersive experience in Truthland. Every corner of this digital universe has been designed to amaze, entertain and inspire. What's more, we're keen to reward our users for their time and commitment. That's why we offer everyone the chance to earn money by watching video ads. But that's not all - for those who want to go even further, our premium passport to the Truthland world offers even more incredible benefits, with the promise of significantly increased earnings.

Our mission

Our mission at SpacAd is simple: we want to create an online community where your time is valuable and your potential is unlimited. We believe that everyone deserves to be fairly rewarded for their time and attention. Through Truthland, we aim not only to provide an exciting alternative to traditional online platforms, but also to offer our users the opportunity to achieve their financial goals while having fun.

In short, we're offering you the chance to dive into Truthland, a virtual world where the earning opportunities are as vast as your imagination. We believe in the value of your time and reward you generously for every minute you spend with us. Whether you simply want to explore, earn money online or unlock exclusive benefits with our premium passport, we're here to support you every step of the way on your Truthland journey.

Join us today and discover an exciting new era where entertainment, exploration and remuneration come together harmoniously. Welcome to the future of the online revolution, welcome to SpacAd!

Start earning now

Find out how you can maximize your experience and revenue in Truthland by exploring our pricing and startup options below.

Without passport

$00 to access it

  • Eight hours of viewing per day
  • Earn $0.04 per viewing minute
  • Earn $144 per month for 2 hours of viewing per day
  • Earn $288 per month for 4 hours of viewing per day
  • Earn $432 per month for 6 hours of viewing per day
  • Earn $576 per month for 8 hours of viewing per day

Our offers

We're offering you much more than just an experience: we're giving you the chance to win while discovering a new virtual horizon. Discover our exclusive offers below and embark on an unforgettable journey towards the convergence of the virtual and the real.

100% free access to Truthland

Get a taste of the incredible virtual world of Truthland without spending a penny! With free access to Truthland, you can earn $0.04 per minute by watching exciting videos. Currently, you can watch up to 8 hours of videos a day, but soon we'll be extending this limit to 24 hours. This is an ideal opportunity for those who want to earn money while exploring Truthland and discovering our many features.

Access to Truthland with a Passport

Unlock a world of possibilities with a Truthland Passport! With a Passport, you earn $0.11 per minute watching exciting videos, and you can also watch up to 8 hours of videos a day (soon to be 24 hours). This means even greater earnings for your time spent at Truthland. Gain a significant financial advantage by investing just $750 in your Passport, and discover exciting income opportunities in the virtual world.

Affiliation opportunities

With or without a Truthland Passport, you can also take advantage of our exceptional affiliate program. Sponsor other users and earn 8% of the revenues of those you directly sponsored in the first line. What's more, you'll receive 4% of the income earned by the referrals of your direct referrals. It's a powerful way to multiply your earnings and create a thriving Truthland community. Share this opportunity with your friends and expand your income network!

Money Rain

Get ready for a real money shower in Truthland with Money Rain! During this exclusive event, winnings will increase dramatically. Users without a Passport will go from $0.04 to $0.05 per minute, while those with a Passport will go up to $0.15 per minute. Money Rain is the perfect opportunity to maximize your income and amass a small fortune quickly. Don't miss this exciting event and get ready to reap the rewards.

Passport resale

You can become a successful Truthland entrepreneur by buying several Passports, then reselling them at prices you set yourself. Accumulate several Passports and create your own dynamic market. This is an exceptional opportunity to generate additional income by capitalizing on the growing demand for access to Truthland. Be creative, explore the unlimited possibilities of reselling Passports and pave the way to lasting financial success!

Additional bonuses

For our most dedicated users, we offer extra bonuses as a reward for their time spent in Truthland. The more you explore and interact with our virtual world, the more you earn. Stay active, participate in special events and unlock exceptional rewards. Your commitment will be generously rewarded, making Truthland the ideal place to earn money and have fun at the same time. Join us and discover all the possibilities that await you!


Discover for yourself what our users have to say about their Truthland experience. Here are some of their inspiring and reassuring testimonials.

Hassen Charai


I was fortunate to discover SpacAd in June 2023. I invested in its tokens, then bought passports to earn money by watching ads at $0.11 per minute. Don't hesitate, go for it!!! Thanks to my sponsor for guiding me step by step, like teaching a child to ride a bike.

Mhd Mouctar


Thanks to Spacad, I finally understood that it was possible for everyone to make money online, even without any skills or capital. Just by watching ads, incredible. I thank my sponsor for introducing me to this project and also Olga, the founder 👍.

David B.


Hello everyone, I just want to testify because thanks to SpacAd (Truthland), I am starting to build a portfolio collecting coins while waiting for my first earnings with SpacAd tokens, AIM tokens, and passport activation. Thanks to my mentors for their patience 😁
David B.

Alexandre Gent


SpacAd is a very ambitious project! Being able to make money by watching advertisements is an incredible system. At the beginning, there were quite a few bugs, especially in the character movement in online mode. Everything seems to have been resolved, and I no longer have those bugs. However, the online mode still has a major flaw: since there are a lot of people, it is difficult to move normally towards the coins. So, for me, I prefer offline mode. Everything is perfect for me at this point.

Dom G


Hello everyone, I stumbled upon this beautiful community somewhat by chance, and especially this very promising project, SpacAd, with which we can all "change" our lives!! A big thank you to the team for their patience and dedication to helping us progress in this project.



Thanks to Olga, we are participating in a wonderful adventure called SpaceAd... The goal is to enable everyone to move towards what seemed impossible before, financial freedom. We are all moving forward together, in a team where mutual assistance is not an empty word.


Discover how every minute spent here can become a lucrative opportunity, and how your $750 investment can open the doors to even more exceptional rewards. Dive into our gallery and let yourself be swept away by the SpacAd experience.

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We're honored to introduce you to the creative and passionate minds who have brought Truthland to life and made this virtual experience an extraordinary reality.

Olga Popova

CEO of SpacAd

Anton Elston

CEO of Dexare

Anatoli Ille

CEO of Oton technology

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